Understanding The Language Of Branding

What is BrandGrammar?

Created by Firefish, Brandgrammar is an established branding framework based on linguistics which recognises the natural language within brands.


Theory of BrandGrammar

From the name itself, it is evident that Brandgrammar is associated with natural language. This is because of the belief that brand awareness cannot be taught. Like language, we learn and know about brands rather naturally and instinctively.


The Brand Loyalty Pyramid is a structure created to help brands reach the apex of branding. The overarching objective of any Brandgrammar™ programme is to achieve brand nirvana for the brand, in which the customer believes in the brand to the degree that they identify themselves with the brand. We looked into four aspects which leads to brand loyalty: brand awareness, brand adoption, brand adoration, and brand actualisation, all in sequence. Firefish believes that by adopting Brandgrammar’s branding framework, companies and organisations are able to climb up the Brandgrammar™ Brand Loyalty Pyramid and achieve brand nirvana.


BrandGrammar Visual Framework

With Brandgrammar™, the brand is able to project its corporate strategy clearly onto its branding and communicate the brand in a clear, consistent and cohesive voice internally and externally, ultimately concretising its brand position within that market segment. There are three phases in the visual framework: brand audit, brand strategy, and brand activation.

In brand audit, primary and secondary research are conducted regarding the brand and the people involved with the brand — consumers as well as the company’s staff to generate an overall analysis of the brand. With the research done, the creative audit is produced to set a general direction of the brand’s internal and external communications.

Brand strategy is the phase when solutions are produced after analysis of the branding. We zoom in on the brand positioning, brand personality, brand experience, brand architecture and brand stakeholders in order to set an aligned direction for the brand to follow. We reexamine and reevaluate the current branding, and devise improved solutions so that the branding can be more consistent and memorable.

In the last phase, brand activation, we review the brand identity and brand application, where we transform our ideas into reality.


BrandGrammar’s Iterative Principle

In the brand audit phase, we conduct interviews, surveys, and focus groups to find out more about the branding. We often redesign our studies and questions in order to better meet the needs or even address certain issues that resurface. While the system provides us with guidelines, it is the iterative principle that guides us in our research, providing us with more accurate answers to deeper questions, often finding the root cause and creating a long-lasting solution.

Brandgrammar™ holds fast to the principle where there is a constant feedback loop in our findings, recommendations, and hypotheses. Here at Firefish, we do not settle for easy solutions. We believe in putting our hypotheses under scrutiny by designing further tests to determine their veracity. This often requires us to return to the drawing board or even dig deeper in order to identify the root causes.


Watch How BrandGrammar Has Helped Clients Grow

All of the practical applications of BrandGrammar have guided our services to give the best possible outcomes for our clients. You can view our past works here to find out more on how BrandGrammar has translated into successful branding.

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