Employer Branding

Energise Your Best Brand Ambassadors, Your Employees

Through a comprehensive and effective Employer Branding strategy, your organisation is able to attract and retain talents for the long run. A strong employer brand can reduce staff turnover and attrition rates by more than 43%. More importantly, your employer brand affects how your brand is communicated by your most important stakeholders, that is, your employees. In the end, the employer brand underpins your entire brand.

If you embark on an Employer Branding project with Firefish, your organisation will go through three critical phases under Firefish's proprietary branding framework called Brandgrammar. These phases are Brand Audit, Brand Strategy and Brand Activation.

In the Brand Audit phase, we will conduct a comprehensive employer brand audit across all stakeholder groups including management, ground staff, front-facing service staff and support staff. We conduct in-depth interviews and run branding workshops to create an open environment for honest sharing. At the end of this phase, we will be able to understand your organisation deeply in terms of what are the underlying values.


In the Brand Strategy phase, we re-align your organisation's vision, mission and values with the real picture on the ground. Then, together, we are able to establish your employer brand positioning with a clear Employee Value Proposition (EVP). After that, we define the employee profiles and develop an exciting employer brand personality accompanied by a compelling employer brand story.

In the Brand Activation phase, we explore the internal brand communications through the various employer brand touchpoints, including recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement surveys and exit interviews. We will help you to establish a clear employer brand manual to ensure everybody is on the same page and singing the same tune.

At the end of the road, your employees will become ardent fans of your organisation and sing your praises outside of your organisation, bringing like-minded people into the fold, creating a virtuous cycle of attracting, retaining and renewing your talent pool.

Underpinning our Employer Branding are the concepts of authentic servant leadership, transparency and clear communications.

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