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We are looking for someone unafraid to fail while learning new things. We want an all-rounder capable of adapting between roles as needed. We want a creative to thrive with us for the disruptive 21st century. If you think you fit the bill, do drop us an email: hello [ at ] firefish dot com

Available Positions

Brand Consultant

Brand Designer

⚠️ Job Scam Notice

It has come to our attention that some nefarious individuals are impersonating as staff from Firefish. They are pretending to offer easy jobs with easy money simply by clicking on web advertisements. Let's be clear: IT IS A SCAM.

We do not operate or use any e-commerce platform to conduct our business. We do not hire any part-timers to click on any ads. We also do not use any third-party recruitment agency.

We only operate under a single top-level domain: All other domains are infringing our registered trademark and are NOT related to us in any way.

If you have already been scammed, please file a police report immediately. Unfortunately, we are unable to help you. We have already made police reports and the Singapore Police Force is investigating the matter.