B2C, Education

San Yu Adventist School or SYAS in short is a school with a fantastic business proposition: It is the only private school that can offer PSLE exams.

Together with its strong Christian tradition, SYAS became the preferred school for many expatriates.

Going back to the school days...

We went ahead to experience what it feels to be one of the students, teachers and staffs. It's like going back in time. Every moment was fascinating.

To understand the school, we literally went to school. We sat in the classes, we ate at the canteen, we spoke to the janitor, we walked the school grounds... We wanted to know what it feels like to be a teacher, student and school administration staff. We even went to the chapel. In the end, we came to understand the school. We decided to renew the SYAS crest and imbue it with meaning that resonate deeply with the Christian faith.

Then, with clear conviction, we presented it to the board. From the students, to the teachers, to the admin staff, and finally to the board, the buy-in was complete.