Brand Slogan

Ensuring Standards Together™


B2B, Human Resource

Like any Marvel hero, here's the legit backstory of ISRC.

Two good friends got tired of the work in the Oil & Gas industry and decided to step out of their comfort zone to start a new business venture. Originally, ISRC was the short form of "International Safety Resource Centre". They envisioned the business to be a resource centre for safety standards used by safety professionals. By now, we know how things usually don't go our way. Instead of depository, the business evolved into a safety consultancy outfit with safety training to boot.

They came to us for a new name.

After a few rounds, nothing sticks. Then, it dawned upon us that the old name was good. It just needs to represent who they are instead of what they do. Hence, we reconfigured ISRC to mean Insightful Standards and Resourceful Collaboration with values of Inventive & Systematic and Ready & Caring. Our superhero found their bearing again and went to win a few awards with their new super branding powers.