B2C, Interior Design

From the get go, Futar understood that we go beyond aesthetics.

We dove deep into the organisation, talking to people in various departments and level of command, including the founder, the sales team, and the production team. We wanted to understand Futar inside out, in order to accurately capture and reflect the brand outwardly, and also add value internally to the company and its employees.

Tackling branding
from inside out.

We wanted to understand Futar from inside out. Because a true brand has to resonate from within its core organisation.

Through objective assessment as an external third-party, we surfaced challenges and opportunities and more importantly, facilitated difficult but necessary conversations in order to reach a brand alignment. After all, an authentic brand must resonate from within the organisation.

In the end, we captured the Futar brand's individuality and its unique idiosyncrasies. This is branding from the inside out.