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With more than three decades of experience, PharMed is an established distributor of pharmaceuticals and health care products.

As a result, they have a wide network of General Practitioners (GPs) who obtain health supplements from them. They have been white-labelling and importing these health supplements directly from manufacturers in USA. This has resulted in a smorgasbord of brands; each very different from another.

They came to us to create a brand which can speak to the GPs.

We went through a BrandStorming exercise with them using a proprietary Brand Generation system to create a plethora of options.

Of course, we helped them to whittle down to a few strong contenders. Then, we put them to a barrage of tests: is the new brand memorable, easy to pronounce, available as a trademark or Top Level Domain (TLD).

The final option was clear. Dr.Wess is the bridge between PHarMed's in-house trained pharmacists and the doctors at the clinics. It represents the synergistic work between two professions to deliver the best quality products to the patients.

We also concocted a go-to-market strategy where their products could be viewed digitally in a catalog but not purchasable in the market, creating an aura of exclusivity. As a result, PharMed managed to help the GPs find a viable revenue stream and expanded their GPs network by owning their own special brand.