Cosmo Automobiles


B2C, Automotive

The boss of Cosmos Automobiles, Eugene came to us with only one thing in his mind: winning the coveted Singapore Prestige Brand Award by ASME and Lianhe Zaobao.

We told him why not and ask him to hop on for the wild ride.

First pitstop: we conduct a thorough brand audit with his sales team and backoffice team. We want to know who Cosmo is deep down.

Next: we distilled Cosmo's brand positioning into: "Making Your Dreams Come True". We leveraged on the Cosmo name and conquered the entire cosmos.

Finally, we prep the boss and his right-hand man to go through the selection and interviews over at ASME. The results? They won the Singapore Prestige Brand Award. But for us, more importantly, their business grew by leaps and bounds.

Today, they have built enough brand equity to move out from their original Turf City car mart into the their own dedicated space in Jalan Pemimpin...and still loving their signature black and white cosmos branding.