Brand Slogan

Custom-Built Rides


B2C, Automobile

When the young upstarts at Carle (who happened to be motorheads) came to us, they wanted to revolutionise the automotive industry. We love the idea. So, together, we reinvented the wheel literally.

We eschewed traditions and re-imagined the art of car salesmanship. Say good-bye to the hard-sell, and say hello to click-and-mortar. Think Facebook ads, live-streams, YouTube car reviews, Instagram posts, branded merch—all done in luxury streetwear style. Then, send the customers to an all-black, sprawling 5,000 square feet showroom oozing with interactivity at each turn. Don't stop there. Allow them to “zhng” their new car to their heart’s content on a proprietary customisation platform, Carle Design Studio. Then, deliver the ride with beyond-the-world service. Welcome to the new woke car-buying experience a la millennial style.