Bensa Academy

Brand Slogan

A Place To Learn. Tutors Who Care.™


B2C, Education

Sometimes, philosophy is more important than profit.

At Bensa Academy, the founders and teachers proclaim a pedagogical philosophy that believes education should be accessible to all. Hence, they operate only in HDB neighbourhoods and provide affordable tuition covering all subjects.

To capture this holistic philosophy, we distilled Bensa Academy into a symbol.

At first glance, it is an amalgamation of the letters ‘b’ and ‘a’ representing ‘bensa’ and ‘academy’ respectively. On closer inspection, it also contains the letter ‘m’ and ‘s’; thus capturing the concept of body, mind and soul. Further inspection will reveal the infinity symbol. Together, they symbolise the essence of the brand, in which the individual's infinite potential is tapped only with the holistic development of body, mind and soul. Simple but essential.