Brand Slogan

A Tradition of Value™


B2B, B2C, Construction

Founded in 1947, The SHC Group remains one of Singapore’s longest privately owned corporations.

SHC has a long-standing history of creating and providing value to all its stakeholders. Internally, SHC lives and breathes values of Fortitude, Prudence, Goodness, and Innovation while externally, SHC delivers value in terms of Quality, Integrity, and Design.

In the rebranding process, our mission was to capture the essence of SHC's character and showcase it to the world. We aimed to create a visual identity that harmonised with their values and conveyed their commitment to excellence. Through a blend of modern aesthetics and bold, timeless elegance, we encapsulate SHC's spirit of innovation while honouring their legacy.

Today, SHC is focused in two key areas: property development and hospitality management, both with a global presence.