Lih Ming

Brand Slogan

Beyond Expectations


B2B, Construction

Lih Ming is a classic case of why B2B firms should get their branding right.

The two brothers behind Lih Ming understood this very well. Although they are a construction firm which specialises in pipe-laying, deep down, they know branding is critical for their future success.

We understood truly what it means to be them.

As a consultant, we went all out with them. To feel what they felt, to know what they knew and then make transformations based on those.

So together, we started on a long journey; we literally went on the road with them. Basically, we followed their workers to their construction sites and experienced a day in their lives under the scorching sun and pelting rain. We truly come to a real understanding of what it means to be part of Lih Ming.

Then, we worked with the brothers to nail down their vision and values, and ultimately their brand. Finally, we conducted a branding workshop to get buy-in from all their staff. Most importantly, we wanted to show them what the Lih Ming brand truly means—to go beyond one's expectations.