Brand Slogan

Believe In Laminates


B2C, Interior Design

Selling laminates is a tough, cut-throat business akin to going to war.

And when a stalwart brand decides to split from their parent brand, branding becomes not an option but a cruel necessity. This is where we came into the picture. We came on board early; we even help the business owners to name their new baby. Together, we called it "Arova".

We adopted the royal purple colour:

Standing tall and unafraid, a testament to the bold move by the owners.

The key sales weapon for a laminates company lies in their sales catalog which features all their available laminates. And it is a well-known fact that laminates companies boast the best looking catalogs in the industry. So, we held no prisoners here. We gave our all in terms of copywriting, art direction, layout and photography. We did not forget our cyber front. We developed and created a website which can be viewed on all platforms and super search-friendly.

Finally, we tie all the various sales channels together with the adoption of the now ubiquitous QR code. With a strong brand from the onset, Arova is able to carve out its own niche quickly and gained ground fast.