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Established more than 19 years ago, Firefish is an award-winning digital brand agency with clients such as Microsoft, HP, BP, NUS, NUH and Intel.

We believe in creating superlative branding—branding that makes a transformative and tangible impact on our client's business and even on the larger spheres of society and environment. Ultimately, we believebranding has the power to change the world we live in so that the world is a much prettier and nicer place for all of us.

Our superlative branding manifests itself in a whole suite of services from brand consulting, corporate identity, packaging design, events and technology solutions to digital marketing. Each component is integrated seamlessly and holistically to deliver impressive, tangible results for your business.

Superlative branding, superlative results.


Why Choose Firefish?

  • Tap into our 19 years of branding experience
  • Work with a great team of brand consultants, designers, web developers and copywriters
  • Be assured your brand is correctly applied across all platforms: from traditional media to digital
  • We have experience in government grants: PIC, CDG & MRA


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