Reimagining Your Pharma Brand,
80% subsidised.

Many pharmaceutical brands like yours, who have taken action to rebrand, have seen transformative results even during the COVID19 period.

Branding is not purely to impress your customers, it comes with a tangible benefit:

1. To be in the top of mind of the right consumers
2. To increase your annual revenue

This is just the tip of the iceberg…

Strategic Brand & Marketing Development typically includes:

  • Brand audits and customer research to identify strengths and gaps, market insights and growth opportunities
  • Creation of your brand strategy, market position, unique value proposition, and marketing objectives
  • Development of visual brand assets that align with the market landscape
  • Training and workshops to create brand champions within your own organisation
  • Implementation of a strategic roadmap to align and improve marketing strategy
  • Assessment of ROI with industry-benchmarked metrics

Are you managing a heritage brand? Thinking to rejuvenate your traditional pharma brand and still preserve its narrative?

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We bring our wealth of experience working with global MNCs to transform pharmaceutical brands like yours for the international marketplace.


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Dr Wess

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