Our Experts Can Help Your Business Secure Funding For Your ECG Project

Avoid Common Mistakes By Working With Certified Consultants. Up to 70% Supported by Enterprise Singapore

We Help Your Company Along Application Process

Our Certified Consultants Can Help You Avoid Common Mistakes

We Have A 100% Success Rate for CDG Grant Submissions

Craft Customized Proposals and Submit Quickly 

Quality Check to Maximize Funding


Why Choose Firefish?

More than 20 years in business
Extensive track record of successful projects
Each project customized to capitalize on business opportunities
Enterprise Singapore recognised, TÜV SÜD certified consultants
We help businesses across all sectors, large and small



We Can Help You Along The Entire Application Journey

Grant Writing

Business Plan Preparation

Grant Management Audit

Funding Prospect Research



Grant Writing

We can help your business craft a customized
CDG proposal which will be approved with techniques
to maximize the potential value.



Business Plan Preparation

We will help articulate your business plans and document them for
CDG submission. Efficiently submit the application to avoid delays.



Grant Management

We can assess the strength and potential projects to ensure support.
A quality assurance check on all documentation
so that the application process is seamless.



Funding Prospect Research

We can help document strategies to help your project get funded.
Explore different ways for your business to create a meaningful project.




Transform Your Business Today!



We Love Working with Companies Big & Small


From July 2018, Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) will replace Capability Development Grant (CDG).
In the interim period, you can still apply for CDG.
The Capability Development Grant (CDG) is administered by Enterprise Singapore now.
SPRING Singapore and International Enterprise have merged to become Enterprise Singapore.
All information is subjected to change due to changes in government policy.
*Grants are subjected to approval by Enterprise Singapore.
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